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How To Setup an Account on Plus500

What is Plus500 Ethereum Trading? Plus500 Ethereum trading refers to trading CFDs. Contracts for difference – a CFD – is technically a unit that is traded on the platform. Essentially,

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Parity Technologies Hacked: Hacker gets off with over $32mn in Ether

Yesterday, a hacker was able to break into many private multi-sig wallets made by Parity Technologies. The hacker exploited a critical vulnerability that existed in the code and was able

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WikiCrypto’s Top 4 Crypto-Currencies to Trade

Bitcoin Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency industry leader. It’s now worth over $2469. Ethereum, the second best in the industry, averages at $350. Bitcoin was the initial catalyst for the digital currency

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WikiCrypto’s eToro Withdrawal Review: Is it easy?

What is eToro? is a CFD trading platform founded in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2006 by two brothers as a website for CFD trading only. This, however, grew into an

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Why is Blockchain so safe?

Transparency Blockchains are pretty safe and they provide a lot of privacy benefits that contemporary systems fail at. Here’s where the idea of a cryptocurrency comes in. Today, conventional banks

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Trading Ether CFD: A Highly Profitable Breakthrough

In this article, we’re gonna discuss why now is one of the best times to invest in Ether CFD. Ethereum is an open source platform which allows users to build

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ETH/USD: Crashes and then Rebounds, what does it mean?

Ethereum (ETH) or any coin, in general, is pretty interesting to monitor because you never really know where it’s going to go. Early Tuesday morning, Ethereum (ETH) prices started to

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Blockchains in Banks

What can blockchains do for Banks? by WikiCrypto Blockchains are now gaining publicity a whole lot more – there’s like 6 TED talks about it already – but are blockchains

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ETH/USD – Ethereum Price Daily Analysis – Ethereum Crashes Following Death Rumor

Quite recently, on June 25th, rumors about Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin’s death rose on the popular online forum 4Chan. The post read ‘Vitalik Buterin confirmed dead. Insiders unloading ETH’. This

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