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Avatrade is a broker and trading platform for CFDs on many financial instruments such as commodities and online currencies such as LiteCoin. For us at WikiCrypto it’s one of the best on the market as it offers top of the line features such as real time market analytics and free demos.


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        Withdrawal Methods


          Customer Support



            • Accepts all major Debit and Credit Cards, Paypal and Wire Transfers
            • Fully Regulated
            • Has a great team of Personal Account analysts


            • Minimum Deposit of $100
            • Unavailable in the US


            Quick Facts about AvaTrade

            Exchange AvaTrade
            Website www.avatrade.com
            Created in 2006
            Location Dublin, Ireland
            Customer Service 24/7 – Online Chat, Email
            Languages 20+ Languages
            Technology AvaTrade Platform
            Minimum Deposit $100
            Minimum Withdrawal Unlimited for premium users
            Maximum Trade Unlimited
            Bonus Up to 80% in bonus
            Profit 85%
            Free Demo Account Open a free demo account
            Regulated green-bullet AvaTrade Review
            Active Users 20,000+ daily users
            Withdrawal Methods Visa, Mastercard, Wire Transfer, Paypal
            Deposit Methods Visa, Mastercard, Wire Transfer, Paypal
            ID Verification Not required for basic accounts
            Coins Available Bitcoins (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Dash (DASH), Litecoin (LTC), plus all Stocks, Commodities and Foreign Exchanges
            CFD Trading green-bullet AvaTrade Review
            U.S. Clients  No
            Mobile App green-bullet AvaTrade Review
            Tablet App green-bullet AvaTrade Review

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            Full Review

            Avatrade is a website that allows you to trade CFDs on financial instruments. CFD, contracts for difference, simply allow you speculate or ‘bet’ on the future movement of price of the financial instruments, such as gold or Bitcoin, regardless of whether current prices are rising or falling.

            CFD trading can be explained as the a ‘bet’ in which you think the gold price will rise, so you would buy 1000 share CFDs. Now, if the price of gold increases over the spread you will make a proportional profit however if it decreases, you would make a proportional loss.

            Although Avatrade doesn’t have a very developed social network platform on the website, it does have several significant resources that make it a go-to for traders.




            The Avatrade platform is very well made for beginners as well as experienced traders, with exceptional features that allow you to be effective in your trades!

            The platform offers high level education in the forms of webinars, articles, videos and courses that are available in almost all of their languages and it’s free for users.

            It also offers an Ava Debit card which can let you withdraw your profits almost instantly, as you would from a bank. This ease of withdrawal is pretty good compared to some of the other platforms which can take upto two weeks for a withdrawal of $100.

            The Avatrade website offers personal account analysts who can help you direct your trades in order to maximise your profits in the long run. These experienced guides will help you to analyse your own trading patterns and help to increase your knowledge about the market.

            The Avatrade platform also has an Ava Select account which can be accessed when deposits higher than $100,000 are made, although this is a select category, it provides many attractive advantages! So if you’re a professional trader, the platform has many benefits that it offers.


            Platform Review

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            View of the AvaTrade Homepage

            The platform is well designed and is quite clear, you can simply open a demo account with over $100,000 in virtual money to try and start trading. The platform has many unique educational features that we think is they key to getting more people involved into CFD trading as an investment possibility. It’s a relatively less understood market since people might think of it as a scheme or

            Now, Avatrade offers automated trading as well, so that you can set your trade limits and the platform will do the rest! This is probably one of the strongest features since it helps institutions and individuals to automate their trades by either copying a specific trader or setting future trades that the platform executes on your behalf.

            Avatrade has licences all over the world and is also regulated by several governing authorities. This ensures that people can be safe whilst transferring money to their online account.

            One of the best aspects of Avatrade is that they offer trading on many digital currencies such as Ripple, LiteCoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash. You can therefore make money on these cryptocurrencies as long as you can guess whether they will go up or down. Since the volatility of these coins is quite highe, people are interested in shorting and making a couple of bucks in a couple of trades.

            The website also offers CFD trading on real world shares of major companies that exist today. Again, you won’t actually be buying shares of those companies, you’d be buying CFDs at a specific price, which can be used to make profit.


            Deposit and Withdrawal

            AvaTrade accepts deposits through credit cards, wire transfers and online transfers such as PayPal. Deposits by credit cards have a minimum deposit of $100 which is pretty much an industry standard for most countries. Deposits through wire transfers however have to be a minimum of $500 whilst online deposits can depend based on your region.

            The withdrawal process is quite straightforward. You need to verify yourself on the website by providing your ID and then the withdrawal will go into processing. This processing process can take about 1-2 business days after which your bank may take a few days to receive the payment. The withdrawal process can be made incredibly faster however, with the Ava Debit Card, you can withdraw your funds at any time, anywhere, and that’s a huge plus.




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            View of the AvaTrade Awards Page

            Avatrade is the subsidiary of a holding company with the market cap of over $17 billion, which adds to the credibility of the broker and its payment systems. The platform is regulated by several authorities such as:

            * Dublin-based Ava Trade EU Ltd. is licensed by the Central Bank of Ireland and regulated by MiFID in the European Union
            * Ava Capital Markets Australia Pty Ltd. headquartered in Australia, is regulated by ASIC
            * Ava Trade Ltd. is licensed in the British Virgin Islands
            * Japan-based Ava Trade Japan K.K. is regulated by the Financial Services Agency and the Financial Futures Association of Japan.

            Your funds in the Avatrade platform are held and maintained, separately from the assets of Avatrade, in Danske Bank which means your funds are safe.
            When you invest in cryptocurrencies with Avatrade, your funds transfers are guaranteed because of the following safety systems implemented by the company:

            * 256-bit SSL encryption
            * True-Site identity assurance seal
            * WebTrust compliant – as determined by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
            * McAfee Secure

            Their level of security is definitely one of the key assets of the website.


            Comparison with other platforms

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            Conclusions and Remarks

            The extent of user knowledge that Avatrade offers, coupled with the number of financial instruments that it allows CFD trading on, definitely makes it a very versatile platform to trade cryptocurrencies. The freedom that users can have to trade on any coin they would want to speculate on, makes Avatrade a great CFD platform.

            Last but not least, the security measures they implemented make the company really trustworthy and a great option for investing online in coins! Therefore, the WikiCrypto team gives Avatrade a score of : 9.2/10