What’s the Best Ether Broker?

What’s the Best Ether Broker?

Ethereum is one of the best performing cryptocurrencies in 2017. It experienced a 2800% increase in exchange market price in the last year and is according to some speculators, will overtake Bitcoin in 2018. Since the currency’s inception in 2015, it has been growing and so there’s a lot of people looking to invest in digital currencies. That’s why every day there’s one more Ether Broker which comes up. Some of them are scams whilst some of them are actually quite effective.

Can Anybody Trade Ether?

Yes technically most people in the world, except those who live in countries where CFD trading is illegal, can trade CFDs. Some people might be a bit scared since it’s a new concept gaining popularity. Fortunately, anybody can trade on an Ether Broker since it’s quite beginner friendly. Contracts for the difference – a CFD – is technically a unit that is traded on the platform. Essentially, this market is all about speculation.

If you think that the price of Ethereum will rise, you purchase 10,000 units or CFDs to show that position. Now, if the price actually does go up, you would make a profit based on how much the market moves in your favour.

Conversely, if the market moves against you, you would be in a loss for your purchase of the 10,000 CFDs has been devalued. When you trade CFDs, you’re not trading the underlying asset, there’s no ownership of the underlying asset either at any point.  You only buy CFDs, a speculative representation of the asset. The best part about trading Ethereum CFDs is that you can go short as well as long.

In the next part, we’re going to discuss our best Ether broker recommendation. It’s based on several key elements that these platforms have. We analyse fees, customer service and speed of the platform. We also make sure that none of them is a scam website or any sort of scheme. Check out our guide for how to find a great Ether Broker.

What’s the best Ether Broker Platform?

The Plus500 website offers several features that set it apart from the rest. Firstly, the risk-management tools that are offered to each user are a great way to minimize your risks. These tools allow you to minimize your loss. For example, you speculate that Bitcoin prices will rise. Unfortunately, it eventually plummets. The program will automatically change your position when the price drops to a specific level. This is called a guaranteed stop loss and it’s very useful for day traders.

The platform currently enables you to invest in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), DASH and NEM. This is quite a large range of leading crypto currencies compared to other Ether Broker in the market. If you want, you can diversify your portfolio by doing Bitcoin trading rather than only Ether trading. So along with being a safe Ether Broker, it’s also very versatile.

Plus500 demands national identification depending on your jurisdiction before an account can be opened; some require it and some do not. That means that you might be able to verify yourself electronically or provide national identification and proof of residence. In special cases, Plus500 might ask for proof of origins of your funds. This is all that is required of users to begin their trading experience!

So, on a general note, Plus500 is pretty safe as an Ether broker and thus we suggest using it for Ether trading! Check out our guide for how to trade Ether so that you can remain profitable!

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