Best ICO: 5 Hot ICOs to invest in

Best ICO: 5 Hot ICOs to invest in

Best ICO: 5 Hot ICO to invest in

What’s an ICO?

As the cryptocurrency market grows, we’re coming across a lot of ICO’s. When you hear of an ICO, you usually hear something along the lines of ‘startup raises $10mn in minutes’. It’s not uncommon today to have ICOs that work out very well for the company. That’s because ICOs are open to the general public.
Ethereum (ETH) was one of the currencies that makes ICOs possible. Vitalik Buterin, founder of ethereum (ETH) , wanted to create tokens that could represent any value, including shares. Essentially an ICO is like selling tokens that represent a share in the company. The company sells a specific number of tokens to whoever wants to buy. This allows the company to raise funds and distribute profits later on. If the company is successful, the token will be demanded more and thus the price of the token will increase in the market. This rise in value benefits investors in the long run.

The people that buy these tokens aren’t seasoned investors, they’re regular people. It’s not hard to invest into a company during an ICO. So, if you like a project and you think they could be successful, you buy their token during their ICO. Hopefully the project is indeed successful and you make profits.

In this article, we’re gonna discuss some of best ICO coming up in 2017.

Top 5 Best ICO

Before we start discussing the top 5 best ICO to invest in, you need to understand what makes a good ICO. For a company to have a successful ICO, there must be a substantially relevant idea. Before investing into an ICO, you should always read up and see whether you trust this company.

Unfortunately there’s companies that do receive funding but don’t actually scale up and generate profits. Thus, you need to see what exactly the company wants to do and whether you believe in the idea. If you do, you should go ahead and invest. For this guide, we read up on the ICOs coming up soon and made sure that these are the best ICOs coming up this year.

#5: MoneyTech

MoneyTech is essentially a mining company, but the owners of the tokens are owners of the company as well. A mining company doesn’t mean that they mine gold or coal. They mine cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH) and ZCash (ZEC). This mining process awards the miner with a few coins. These few coins are the only revenue that the company generates. Consequently, people who own the MoneyTech coin receive profits based on their stake in the company. According to us, it’s one of the best ICO that will happen soon.

The company has an edge in the market in many different ways. It will experience low costs since it will purchase all the mining equipment post-ICO. They claim to purchase the best hardware available in the market and at a large scale. Thus, they’re gonna pay much less for their hardware. Also, they will experience low costs throughout their mining process because they’re based in Ukraine. In order to engage investors and show honesty, the company will show real time information about the company’s income. At the end of every month, the investor will receive a dividend.

The company’s ICO is going on right now and will finish on the 08.02.17. It’s surely one of the best ICO going on right now, so go invest!

#4: Hive Platform

Hive (HVN) is a token created by the Hive Platform. It helps tokenize invoices for small businesses which can then be verified on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. Thus, small businesses can also benefit from invoice factoring, which helps a lot of small businesses tackle their problem of illiquidity.

The company gives every invoice a unique fingerprint, which is then tokenized and can be transferred and sold. However, you need to understand what the company really does before you invest.

Imagine you’re a furniture seller. There’s a customer who buys two large sofas and you send them an invoice. Now, imagine that the customer takes a lot of time to pay up. This ties up your cash and that makes the business illiquid. If a business is liquid, that means that they have most of their revenue in cash or in the bank. Liquidity can be an issue if you create invoices for payments. However, large corporates figured out that if you were to auction this invoice, you can get a large part of the payment now. Thus, the company who sold the invoice received money from the buyer and the buyer then collects the debt at a later date. Thus, large business sell their invoices as such to increase liquidity of the business.

Hive wants to do the same thing, but for small businesses. It aims to tokenize invoices for every kind of business so that everybody can benefit from invoice trading. Thus, it’s one of the best ICO happening right now.

#3: ACT

ACT is a digital decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) which aims to bring together people, solve social issues and provide micro funding. The ACT can be described as a platform that you can use to tackle a social issue. The ACT homepage explains their business as an organization addressing social accountability. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help at all in understanding their business model.

On the ACT platform, you receive different social issues and you can choose which ones to support. If a lot of people support a cause, the person can approach the local government to drive change. The platform does this by financing the costs associated with negotiating with the local government and hiring lawyers.

It’s a simple platform that I think has powers to actually affect local governments. So, it’s definitely one of the best ICO to invest in today.

#2: Suretly

Suretly is a startup that wants to revolutionize loans by creating a system of trust in which different people can ‘vouch’ for a person’s loan. On the application, you can vouch for someone and agree to pay a small percentage of the person’s loan if he defaults. In order to get a loan, a person needs about a few dozen vouchers which gives the lender a degree of trust. This way, people who do not have access to loans can take loans.

The application has been launched in Russia, where it is receiving great response from users. It’s an interesting idea and will surely attract people who’d like to take a loan but are having issues dealing with commercial banks. Sometimes, people who end up not being eligible for a loan can have great potential. Unfortunately, they’re not able to get appropriate funding thus eliminating their potential.

The Suretly application is an innovative idea and will be accepted globally. Therefore, it’s one of the best ICO to invest in right now.

#1: (GGM) is a startup developing an OS independent gaming platform that is monitored by their AI in order to eliminate cheating. The best aspect however is that the platform can help you make some cash!
On the platform, users can enter popular games such as CS:Go and Dota 2 where they can bet on their performance in the game. By betting’ coin, the GGS token, the players can be remunerated based on their success in the game. If you’re the first in the game, you take all of the other players’ bet so you can make a lot of money if you’re good.

The platform judges performance and prevents cheating using an artificial intelligence system which monitors players. The betting within the game is based on smart contracts on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. Thus, if you lose, the smart contract acts automatically and transfers your token to the winner. This makes sure that everybody is fair in terms of the betting.

This has many applications in today’s gaming and I think that this project will be supported by gaming and technology companies. Therefore, it’s one of the best ICO in the near future.

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