Is A Bitcoin Nuclear Winter Coming?

Is A Bitcoin Nuclear Winter Coming?

Expect A Nuclear Winter for Bitcoin

In this article, we’re going to discuss why people should buy Ledger Blue wallet to protect their Bitcoin in case of a nuclear winter. A nuclear winter for Bitcoin refers to an event in which the coin market will decrease or crash. In a nuclear winter, crypto currencies will continue to lie at low prices for a while. If you have purchased Bitcoin, you probably should be concerned. Some investors speculate that they might see something like a nuclear winter in the next year or so.

If it does happen, we can expect to see a number of hacks. Therefore, the best way to protect your Bitcoin is investing in a secure Bitcoin wallet. We recommend people to buy Ledger Blue wallet for all your security needs! It’s one of the most secure wallets available on the market. It’s ideal for most Bitcoin enthusiasts.

Why Buy Ledger Blue

Ledger is one of the companies providing a cutting edge bitcoin hardware wallet. It was founded in 2015. Inside the Ledger Blue, there’s a secure element which makes sure that the bitcoin hardware wallet is unhackable. The secure element acts as a storage for the software which keeps your Bitcoin’s private key. It’s called a secure element because it’s impossible to break into by tearing apart the device. The secure element protects your information by encrypting them using cryptography.

Moreover, Ledger is pushing the boundaries in what people think of hardware wallets. When you set up your Ledger Blue, the device will generate a 24-word passphrase which you need to note down. This passphrase can be used to recover your account if your device is broken, stolen or lost. You can just buy Ledger Blue, a new one, and get all of your coins on the new device just using the passphrase. That’s why we recommend people buy Ledger Blue for their security needs.

The security on the Ledger Blue is exceptional since you need a PIN to access the Bitcoin hardware wallet in the first place. Thus, if this PIN is entered incorrectly three times, all of the memory is wiped and the Bitcoin hardware wallet becomes useless.

Moreover, the Ledger Blue features a Ledger App Manager, that can be used to install new apps, update existing applications and enables people to access many cryptocurrencies. The device has a user interface that allows people to easily install new applications or carry out transactions.

Buy Ledger Blue Now!

For people interested in maintaining the higher security of their digital currencies, whilst being discreet and stylish, we recommend the Ledger Blue. The Ledger Blue is the latest generation of bitcoin hardware wallets which now have many more features than before. Thus, I believe it’s a Bitcoin hardware wallet made for professionals. For us at WikiCrypto, Ledger Blue takes the lead as the best hardware bitcoin and altcoin wallet on the market today.

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