Are Bonus Bitcoins on Trading Platforms worth the Investment?

Are Bonus Bitcoins on Trading Platforms worth the Investment?

What Platforms Offer Bonus Bitcoin on Deposit?


Plus500 is a CFD trading platform designed to be one of the most versatile CFD trading platforms in the world. It provides industry standard CFD trading services and gives a small Bonus Bitcoin, which is worth around $20. This bonus comes after a deposit of $100 which is the minimum for receiving the bonus.

You can make a deposit on the website with major credit cards, PayPal or wire transfers. You can invest in your local currency and then withdraw the funds in your local currency as well. The Plus500 platform has great features such as the risk management systems set in place for minimising your risk. These tools let you prevent any major loss while trading.

For example, when you buy CFDs of Bitcoin because you think the price will rise, you can set a stop loss. This stop loss will close your trade if it crosses a specific price which makes an excessive loss. These tools help you make sure that your capital is safe! The platform currently enables you to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DASH and NEM. This is quite a large range of leading crypto currencies compared to all other CFD trading platforms.

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The eToro website has many features that set it apart from regular CFD trading platforms and the innovative social platform is one of the breakthroughs in the industry. Unfortunately, the company currently doesn’t provide Bonus Bitcoin when you make a deposit.

The platform allows you to literally ‘copy’ your favourite trader’s trades. So, if your favourite trader speculates on gold tomorrow, your account will automatically order the same trade, so if the trader you follow gains money, so do you!

The platform is well designed, and has great features available! Whilst using the website, it’s pretty easy to follow your traders, communicate with them and learn using the program. eToro has really gone out of its way to make sure beginners have the right start on the website, and can slowly start trading on their own speculations. Since CFD trading is pretty tough to understand by learning yourself, the eToro platform makes it easier for you.

The company offers live webinars on different subjects that you can watch and eCourses on all the different types of trades available on the website.

Since the world of financial speculation is pretty unknown to a majority of the population, the educational program benefits practically everybody who wants to invest in CFDs.

Is the Bonus Bitcoin worth much?

For a day trader who will make a deposit of $10,000, the bonus on Plus500 comes around $1000. That’s a great bonus but most of you reading this might not be ready to invest $10k in your trading account. In fact, most of you would be beginners who have mostly no experience in CFD trading. That’s why I suggest people try a demo account on Plus500, which gives you a minimum of experience in the field. Once you do have a minimum experience, you can continue and make a deposit in your trading account.

If you’re interested in reading more before you start trading, check out our guide to investing in Bitcoin on Plus500.

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