Buy Ethereum Singapore

Buy Ethereum Singapore

Should you buy Ethereum Singapore?

In this article, we discuss why people should buy Ethereum Singapore for long run profits. Ethereum is an open source platform which allows users to build the next generation of decentralized applications. The essence of the project is using the blockchain technology which works in a peer to peer fashion, thus eliminating the need for a middleman or the authority. Most applications today are centralized and you need to trust the authority which is in charge of the privacy or safety of your information. In a blockchain based service, your private information, funds and content all belong to you and therefore they’re as secure as they can be.

Ethereum’s coin Ether is very popular since it’s been growing in value ever since it came out. The currency has seen several small “crashes” but it’s been quite safe so far. Ethereum is one of the best performing cryptocurrencies in 2017. It experienced a 2800% increase in exchange market price in the last year and is according to some speculators, will overtake Bitcoin in 2018. That’s why you should buy Ethereum singapore.

Where Should You Buy Ethereum Singapore?

Coinbase is one of the most popular and secure websites where you can buy Ethereum Singapore. It has great security features like 2-factor authentication and a secure system for accepting payments. A 2 factor authentication is essentially a text that you would receive on your phone which includes a code that will be used to verify any transaction that you carry out on the website. That makes sure that a hacker cannot enter your online wallet and send your money to different accounts on the Ethereum Exchange. Moreover, Coinbase provides several secure ways of depositing and withdrawing from your online wallet on the Ethereum Exchange.

Depending on your region, you will be able to use credit cards, bank transfers and paypal in order to deposit money. Once you create you account, it’s very easy to connect your bank account with the Coinbase wallet, using a secure method so that your information is safe. You can then deposit money into your wallet and buy Ethereum Singapore! The minimum deposit on Coinbase is $100.

The withdrawal process is quite simple as well; you need to verify yourself on the platform and connect your Paypal or bank account or online wallet. Then, you can withdraw the funds on your Coinbase account.
This is the fee that Coinbase charges for Singapore users.

Buy / Sell Credit / Debit Card Buys
1.49% 3.99%


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