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A Brief History of Ethereum

Early days of Ethereum Ethereum began as an idea of a platform to build decentralized applications. Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, started working on the idea behind Ethereum around 2013.

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BTC Exchange VS Coin Trading

BTC Exchange VS Coin Trading Can you make money from BTC exchanges and coin trading? Yeah, you can technically. If you were to sign up to a BTC exchange and

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Best Bitcoin Investment: Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to invest in

Today, the cryptocurrency market is littered with different digital coins which have great ‘potential’. But most of these currencies might not be able to function in the long run due

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What is an Online Coin Wallet?

What is an Online Coin Wallet? In order to store cash safely, you’d deposit it in a bank. It’s pretty much the same for Bitcoin; in order to keep your

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What is a BTC Exchange?

Now that you’ve started learning about the Bitcoin world, you might have come across the term BTC Exchange. You might even be thinking of buying some in the future. This

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What Is A Coin Trading Broker?

What is a coin trading broker? A coin is a term often used to describe any online currency, so major digital currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum are all coins.

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