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Review Summary

CEX.IO is a reliable cryptocurrency exchange that will satisfy the needs of both newcomers and experienced crypto investors. The platform offers Margin Trading on Bitcoins (BTC) and Ethereums (ETH) as well as a great Customer support 24/7. It is one of our favorite exchange platforms available on the market.


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      Ease to use


        Trading Tools


          Customer Support



            • Margin Trading is available on this Exchange
            • Great 24/7 Customer Support
            • Unlimited trading volume
            • Accessible from any country in the World


            • Long ID verification process
            • Doesn’t accept American Express
            • No CFD Trading

            Quick Facts about Cex.io

            Exchange Cex.io
            Website www.cex.io
            Created in 2013
            Location London, United Kingdom
            Customer Service 24/7 – Online Chat and Emails
            Languages English, French, Russian, Portuguese, Mandarin and Italian
            Technologie Cex.io Platform
            Minimum Deposit $100
            Minimum Withdrawal $500
            Maximum Trade Unlimited
            Free Demo Account Open a free demo account
            Regulated green-bullet Cex.io Review by WikiCrypto
            Active Users 1,070,000+ Users
            Withdrawal Methods Visa, Mastercard, Wire Transfer
            Deposit Methods Visa, Mastercard, Wire Transfer
            ID Verification green-bullet Cex.io Review by WikiCrypto (not required for basic account)
            Coins Available Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH)
            CFD Trading No
            U.S. Clients Yes
            Mobile App green-bullet Cex.io Review by WikiCrypto
            Tablet App green-bullet Cex.io Review by WikiCrypto
            WikiCrypto Score 9.6/10

            Full Review

            CEX.IO is an exchange platform built on the concept of FOK orders. Fill-or-Kill orders are useful in the cryptocurrency market because the price varies by the minute. Therefore, in order to make sure you aren’t buying bitcoins at a much higher price than expected, CEX.IO has an FOK system. When you complete the form to buy bitcoins at a specific price, it freezes that for 120 seconds whilst it looks for a seller who also wanted to sell at that price. When that match happens, it’s only a matter of time before the payment is complete. If the market situation becomes worse, the order will not go through and if the market rises, it will notify you.

            That’s why you can be sure that every order at CEX.IO goes through at the price that you wanted to buy.




            CEX.IO uses the concept of FOK orders to complete purchases on the website. The FOK orders are much faster since you don’t have to wait for someone to accept your offer. That means you can purchase bitcoin, receive them almost immediately, and withdraw soon after.

            CEX.IO also has an API tool which allows for automated trading. An API tool is essentially an electronic trader which completes trades on the behalf of individuals and institutions. The website also has a bitcoin and ethereum converter, which can be used to see how many bitcoin you can buy with your own budget. The website also has an affiliate program where people can register themselves and share a link to their friends. If their friends use that specific link to buy bitcoins on the website, they receive 30% of the transaction fee from CEO.IX. The platform is unique because it allows people to purchase much higher bitcoins compared to other platforms. Not only that, it also offers Ethereum: the second most popular cryptocurrency.


            Platform Review

            Cex.io-homepage-wikicrypto-1024x601 Cex.io Review by WikiCrypto

            View of the Cex.io Homepage

            The platform is very well designed and modern, it’s easy to use most of all. On the front page, CEO.IX has “Bitcoin Exchange You Can Trust” and I think that it sums up CEO.IX perfectly. The FOK orders feature that CEO.IX increases the capabilities of the website, since people are able to make instantaneous purchases. The platform also makes sure that during a transaction, if the market worsens or rises, you do not lose your money. I think that’s what makes CEO.IX stand out, the attention to consumer satisfaction is unparalleled in the industry.

            The customer support on the website is well-built as you can chat with a professional as soon as you press ‘help’ on the front page. Therefore if you have any questions or issues, you can solve them almost immediately with the help of trained professionals.

            As soon as you enter the website, it shows you the price of bitcoins, the volume and the number of traders online. At the time of writing this article, the count of traders online is around 1,075,000. I think that shows how many users currently use the website, and the trust that these people have in the company.

            Since there are many scam websites on the internet, I think it’s best to trust a company that has been in the bitcoin industry a long while and CEO.IX is perfect for every need.


            Deposit and Withdrawal

            You can deposit money into your basic free account or choose to fill your account with any cryptocurrency! That basically allows you to exchange your currency to bitcoins or ethereum, whichever you prefer. The website also accepts credit card payments, wire and SEPA transfers, which a lot of exchanges don’t.

            In order to deposit money into your account to buy bitcoins, you don’t need to go through identification process. However, if you sell bitcoins on the website and would like to withdraw your funds higher than $10,000 per month, you need to go through the identification process.

            After the verification process is complete, you can withdraw upto $100,000 per month, which is a limit most people won’t reach.

            There’s a few accounts available on the website; basic, verified, verified plus and corporate. These accounts differ in the deposit and withdraw limits you have, the verified plus and corporate have ‘unlimited’. If you’re a successful trader you might have to pay higher fee on the transactions carried out but if you’re a rookie you’ll be charged minimum fee.




            Security is one of the most important features offered by CEX.IO. The website recommends using a 2 factor authentication and trust me, there’s three different red dialogs if you haven’t activated it.

            Since emails are quite easy to hack, it’s pretty easy to just hack your account and transfer all your bitcoins to another. The website helps you prevent this through the 2 factor authentication.

            A 2 factor authentication is essentially like giving your bank a phone number so that when you need to verify a transaction, the bank sends you a text with the verification code. It’s as simple as that and prevents most hacking. In the unlikely event that you actually are hacked, the platform freezes your account and resets all passwords for you. The CEX.IO team then investigates the situation further. The team is pretty helpful in a case like this, so you can rest assured!

            The security is quite modern since they recommend you to use a third-party card manager in order to make sure that you can pay quickly whilst remaining completely protected. Wire and SEPA transfers, both available on CEX.IO are obviously better for maintaining security of your bank details. All these transactions are only available on the Verified, Verified Plus and Corporate Accounts so you might have to provide national identification before you deposit money.

            Overall, the CEX.IO platform has effective security measures and works at great length in order to prevent any sort of hacking.


            Comparison with other platforms

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            cexio-logo-wikicrypto Cex.io Review by WikiCrypto
            cexio-logo-wikicrypto Cex.io Review by WikiCrypto
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            WikiCrypto Score 8.7 WikiCrypto Score 77



            Conclusions and Remarks

            To be honest, we were surprised by the level of security that CEX.IO offers, it’s by far the best in terms of safety. The website is quite intuitive and has an easy to use interface. It offers high deposit limits for free accounts, which is great for beginner traders or bitcoin novices. The FOK orders tool that CEX.IO uses also ensures that you can sell your bitcoins at any time, and buy them at the price of your choice.

            With all of these exceptional features, the WikiCrypto team gives CEX.IO a score of: 9.6/10