How to Open A Bitcoin Trading Account?

How to Open A Bitcoin Trading Account?

How to invest in Bitcoin with Plus500?

In this article, we’re going to show you how to open an account on Plus500 and start trading Bitcoin Plus500 CFDs. The Plus500 website is one of the most popular online CFD trading websites, this is because of several reasons; the website has real-time graphs of all commodities that one can trade and it supports over 23 languages.

For cryptocurrency enthusiasts, the website offers CFDs on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, NEM, and Litecoin, so you can now speculate or bet on how the cryptocurrency price will move.

On Plus500, you can trade CFDs. CFDs or contracts for difference are units of representation sold on the platform. The ownership of a CFD on the platform represents a position in the market. If you think that the price of Bitcoin will rise, you buy Bitcoin CFDs on the platform. Now, when the price does go up, you can sell this contract for a higher price thus making a profit.

One can trade Bitcoin Plus500 CFDs in a falling market as well as a rising market.

Conversely, if the market moves against you, you would be in a loss for your purchase of the 10,000 CFDs have been devalued. When you trade CFDs, you’re not trading the underlying asset, there’s no ownership of the underlying asset either at any point.  You only buy CFDs, a speculative representation of the asset.

It’s pretty easy to open an account on Plus500, it takes only about five minutes.


How to Open a Bitcoin Trading Account on Plus500

Step 1: Visit the Plus500 page, you can visit it by clicking here.

Plus500-1-1024x479 How to Open A Bitcoin Trading Account?

Plus500 Homepage


Step 2: Click on Start Trading Now

Plus500-2-1024x476 How to Open A Bitcoin Trading Account?

Plus500 Demo


Step 3: Click on Sign Up

Plus500-4-1024x468 How to Open A Bitcoin Trading Account?

Plus500 Sign Up New User


Step 4: Enter your email, password and then confirm the password.

And that’s it! Your Bitcoin Plus500 Trading Account is ready!

Congratulations, you now have a trading account on Plus500! Here is how your trading dashboard will look like:

plus500-demo-final-1-1024x434 How to Open A Bitcoin Trading Account?

Plus500 Trade Dashboard

From here, you need to deposit money into your account and start trading Bitcoin Plus500 CFDs! Click on our Tutorial #2 below.



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