Why the Ledger Blue is our Favorite Altcoin Wallet

Why the Ledger Blue is our Favorite Altcoin Wallet

What is an Altcoin Wallet?

An altcoin wallet is a software which stores your coins’ private keys and helps you to send or receive coins. You can’t keep your altcoins without a wallet. So, when you buy altcoins on a broker’s platform, they will automatically make a free online wallet. Although online wallets are mostly safe, they can be compromised at times. Thus we recommend people get a hardware altcoin wallet just to make sure that they’re as secure as they can be. Unfortunately, the altcoin world is sometimes compromised which results in hackers being able to exploit so many different vulnerabilities. Sometimes, this results in the loss of altcoins. In order to eliminate the risk, we suggest using an altcoin wallet such as the Ledger Blue. In this article, we’re going to discuss what makes the Ledger Blue our favourite altcoin wallet.


Why should you invest in an Altcoin wallet?

Essentially, all coins can be kept safely in any wallet for Bitcoin. That’s because all digital coins have the same characteristics in terms of how they are transferred and thus most wallets are compatible with altcoins. Thus, people invest in an altcoin wallet for their safety, since they provide physical two-factor authentication. A physical two-factor authentication is a simple solution to prevent your Bitcoin from being stolen. Essentially, when you want to send altcoins to someone, you write that transaction on your computer. Then, you connect the Ledger Blue and the transaction will show up on the screen. To complete it, you need to press a physical button.

That means it can’t be faked and thus can’t be hacked by someone on the internet. So, even if someone has access to your computer, nobody will be able to transfer your altcoins from your altcoin wallet. The Ledger Blue has this feature and therefore provides high security for your altcoin.

Our Favorite Altcoin Wallet: The Ledger Blue

The Ledger Blue is the best hardware wallet available on the market today. It’s one of the most versatile and easy to use hardware wallets. The Ledger Blue is almost as big as a smartphone and has a large touchscreen, comparable to an iPhone. It features a textured plastic body which feels sturdy whilst stylish in the hand. According to some users, the Ledger Blue’s screen is quite durable in terms of scratches and fingerprints. The device embeds a colour display and a large capacitive touchscreen with anti-scratch glass, encased in a strong cover. The Ledger Blue also has Bluetooth connectivity which can be used with your mobile phone or your computer.

You can also connect your Ledger Blue to the computer using a USB as well if you feel like being more secure. The device’s battery is rechargeable like a phone, it lasts about a day on a full charge. However, you’re never going to use your altcoin wallet so much throughout the day. Naturally, the battery life will depend on how much you use it but it’s definitely enough for several transactions at different times during the day.

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