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ledgerbluewallet Ledger Blue Review

Ledger Blue Review Summary

The Ledger Blue is the flagship hardware wallet by Ledger and for us it’s the best hardware coin wallet that is available today. It’s secure, features a smartphone-like screen and has a great UI allowing users complete freedom to carry out transactions on the go or at home.

Ledger Blue

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      Web Interface


        Independant Wallet


          Beginners Friendly



            • Big tactile screen for easier use
            • Top of the line security encryption
            • Accepts many cryptocurrencies and Ether tokens


            • Slightly more expensive the average wallet


            Quick Facts about the Ledger Blue

            Device Ledger Blue
            Website Ledger Blue
            Product Release 2015
            Company Location Paris, France
            Customer Service Email
            Languages English
            Technology WYSISWS
            Coins Supported Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Dogecoin, Litecoin, ZCash, Dash, Ripple, Stratis and Komodo
            Warranty Two Years
            Set up time 5-10 mn
            Discount Code N/A
            Compatible with myEther Wallet Yes
            Worldwide shipping Yes
            Ethereum compatible Yes
            Litecoin compatible Yes
            Ripple compatible Yes
            Phone or tablet app Yes
            Price $310 / 275€ / 240£
            Mobile App green-bullet Ledger Blue Review
            Tablet App green-bullet Ledger Blue Review

            WikiCrypto Score


            What is Ledger?

            Ledger is one of the pioneers of the hardware bitcoin wallet market. It was founded in 2015 by founders with extensive experience in security and cryptocurrency trading. It was funded with over $8.4 Million by 15 investors in two rounds.

            Currently, it’s one of the best companies providing a hardware wallet. They pride themselves on being the leader in the hardware wallet markets. Here’s our Ledger Blue Wallet Review.

            As of now, they have a few two available for the public. The Ledger Nano S and the Ledger Blue. These products differ generally in terms of quality and price, you can find the reviews to Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue here.

            Moreover, the company introduced Vault, a solution for companies and enterprises. The Vault helps companies to accept cryptocurrencies and safely store them for the future.

            Edit (10.24.2017): Ledger just announced a new partnership with Intel to help cryptocurrency owners by protecting their  keys from not authorised use. With this kind of partnerships Ledger is with no doubt the safest solution on the market.

            What is a hardware wallet?

            A bitcoin hardware wallet is simply the software of an online wallet which is stored on a device that can be connected to your computer through USB. It’s called a bitcoin hardware wallet because the device is a small mobile phone or USB key.  

            The whole idea behind bitcoin hardware wallet is that your bitcoin information is not stored in a system with an internet connection. If there’s an internet connection, people might be able to hack into the system, but a bitcoin hardware wallet can’t be broken into unless someone steals it from you.

            The technology inside a hardware wallet is pretty interesting as well. The wallets have a device called a secure element. Think of this secure element as a vault inside the wallet which uses cryptography to encrypt all of the data being stored. It’s like any other processor, it hosts applications and stores the cryptographic data.

            Features of the Ledger Blue

            The Ledger Blue is the iPhone of hardware wallets. It’s one of the most versatile and easy to use hardware wallet available today and for good reason. The Ledger Blue is almost as big as a smartphone and has a large touchscreen. Here’s the Ledger Blue compared to the Apple iPhone.

            Screen-Shot-2017-07-05-at-2.30.33-PM Ledger Blue Review

            The device embeds a color display and a large capacitive touchscreen with anti-scratch glass, encased in a strong cover. According to some users, the Ledger Blue’s screen is quite durable in terms of scratches and fingerprints. The Ledger Blue also has bluetooth connectivity which can be used with your mobile phone or your computer. You can also connect your Ledger Blue to the computer using a USB as well, if you feel like being more secure.

            The device has a rechargeable battery which is also quite durable according to users. On a full charge, the device will last you a full day’s usage. That’s a lot considering most smartphones average that time as well, and that you would use the Ledger Blue much less than your phone. So you can definitely carry out a few transactions throughout your day without facing much issues. It’s compatible with iOS, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS so it’s useable by practically anybody in the world.

            ledgerbluebp Ledger Blue Review


            The Ledger Blue is one of the most secure hardware wallets available on the market today. It provides high-end security solutions using different methods to achieve almost perfect security for people. The company itself was founded by security experts who have a lot of experience so it’s pretty evident that they did a great job. In all, the Ledger Blue boasts provision of enterprise level crypto-security to every user.

            The Ledger Blue boasts a secure element which is quite versatile, it can house many different applications securely. The secure element is locked by a pin code, which can be 4-8 characters long. This pin code is required every time the Ledger Blue is turned on.

            Now, the secure element protects your information by encrypting them using cryptography. Cryptography is essentially like creating a puzzle and then saving the information so that even if people gain access, they cannot read what is within. But people won’t be gaining access any time soon since the secure element functions in a way that isolates it from your computer.

            So, if your computer is infected with a virus or a hacker has access to your computer, you don’t need to worry about your coins. Since the Ledger Blue has an isolated secure element, the information isn’t on your laptop and thus the hacker cannot access your coins. It’s a pretty easy solution for internet security concerns.

            Advanced Security

            Screen-Shot-2017-07-05-at-2.30.43-PM Ledger Blue Review

            The Ledger Blue also has a WYSIWYS (what you see is what you sign) protocol to help prevent ANY transaction that might be scammy. This essentially means that when you want to carry out a transaction, the Ledger Blue will display it on its screen and the user will click on approve to verify the transaction.

            Thus, if a hacker has access to your computer and your Ledger Blue is connected, you don’t need to worry. In order for the hacker to access your coins, he would need to click approve in order to approve the transaction. This is pretty much impossible since the hacker can’t possibly have your computer, your Ledger Blue, your pin code as well as your 24-word passphrase.

            Also, when you set up your Ledger Blue, the device will generate a 24-word passphrase which you need to note down. It’s a security measure which makes life much easier. This passphrase can be used to recover your account if your device is broken, stolen or lost. You can just buy another Ledger Blue and get all of your coins on the new device just using the passphrase.

            I think it’s pretty useful for it to have this facility since people might lose their wallet but not lose their coins.


            The device is pretty easy to use. When you receive the Ledger Blue, there’s no anti-tampering tape on the box. That’s because the Ledger team has put in security measures that make sure that there cannot be any tampering with the device. Essentially, a cryptographic mechanism checks the integrity of the Ledger Blue every time it is turned on. Think of it as a safety check before the pilot takes off. It’s a great way to make sure that the Ledger Blue is uncompromisable.

            The device has a user interface that allows people to easily install new applications or carry out transactions. The homepage of the device is like an iPhone, it shows different apps that store different cryptocurrencies. You click on one of the apps and you can transfer coins immediately. The link between the Ledger Blue and your computer/phone is pretty easy to set up as well since the Ledger Blue supports Bluetooth, NFC as well as USB.

            The Ledger Blue features a Ledger App Manager, that can be used to install new apps, update existing applications and enables people to access many cryptocurrencies. The Ledger Blue supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Dogecoin, Litecoin, ZCash, Dash, Ripple, Stratis, and Komodo. The device is updatable, so you’ll be able to have access to many more in the future as well.

            Comparison with other wallets

            TOP 1
            TOP 1
            ledger-blue-wallet-wikicrypto-s Ledger Blue Review

            Ledger Blue
            cexio-logo-wikicrypto Ledger Blue Review
            "Ledger Blue is the safest and most reliable hardware wallet available on the market"
            • arp_1498575769_3_25_4 Ledger Blue Review
              arp_1498575769_3_25_4 Ledger Blue Review
            • Safest Wallet Available
              Free routes & directions
            • Tactile Screen, USB, Bluetooth
              Basic web route creator
            • BTC and all Altcoins accepted
              Android and ios app
            • Very easy to set up and use
              Android and ios app
            • Compatible with MyEtherWallet
              Android and ios app
            • arp_1498575769_3_25_4 Ledger Blue Review
              arp_1498575769_3_25_4 Ledger Blue Review
            • Price: $310 (USD)
              Android and ios app
            • arp_1498575769_3_25_4 Ledger Blue Review
              arp_1498575769_3_25_4 Ledger Blue Review
            WikiCrypto Score 9.6/10 WikiCrypto Score 90
            TOP 2
            TOP 2
            ledger-nano-s-wikicrypto-s Ledger Blue Review

            Ledger Nano s
            coinmama-logo-wikicrypto Ledger Blue Review
            "Ledger Nano S is a great choice for newcomers to cryptocurrency trading"
            • arp_1498575769_3_25_4 Ledger Blue Review
              arp_1498575769_3_25_4 Ledger Blue Review
            • Simple yet very safe wallet
              Run unlimited routes
            • Affordable
              Maps & Print directions
            • Great for newcomers
              Export GPX
            • BTC, ETH, Tokens accepted
              Export GPX
            • 2-month wait for delivery
              arp_1498575769_3_25_4 Ledger Blue Review
            • arp_1498575769_3_25_4 Ledger Blue Review
              arp_1498575769_3_25_4 Ledger Blue Review
            • Price: $75 (USD)
            • arp_1498575769_3_25_4 Ledger Blue Review
              arp_1498575769_3_25_4 Ledger Blue Review
            WikiCrypto Score 9.3/10 WikiCrypto Score 82
            TOP 3
            TOP 3
            Trezor-wallet-wikicrypto-s Ledger Blue Review

            coinbase-logo-wikicrypto-1 Ledger Blue Review
            "Trezor is the best hardware wallet if you mainly invest in Bitcoins"
            • arp_1498575769_3_25_4 Ledger Blue Review
              arp_1498575769_3_25_4 Ledger Blue Review
            • Most popular wallet for BTC
              Custom route creation
            • Very easy to set up online
              Custom group creation
            • Good Customer Support
            • 2-year Warranty
              arp_1498575769_3_25_4 Ledger Blue Review
            • BTC, ETH accepted
            • arp_1498575769_3_25_4 Ledger Blue Review
              arp_1498575769_3_25_4 Ledger Blue Review
            • Price: $99 (USD)
            • arp_1498575769_3_25_4 Ledger Blue Review
              arp_1498575769_3_25_4 Ledger Blue Review
            WikiCrypto Score 8.9/10 WikiCrypto Score 77

            Conclusions and Remarks

            The Ledger Blue isn’t available in stores, you can pre-order yours now on the official website, the shipping for this round begins in September. The device is priced around $300 depending on your region and shipping costs. It’s definitely a high-end product which provides niche services so we can understand the price tag of $300. Nonetheless, the Ledger Blue is still one of the most versatile, secure and easy to use hardware wallets on the market today. In conclusion, the WikiCrypto Score for Ledger Blue is 9.6/10