How to make money with Bitcoin?

How to make money with Bitcoin?

There are many get-rich-schemes that you might see on the internet which claims to teach you how to get rich with Bitcoin. Unfortunately, most of them are scams. But it’s true that you can actually make money with Bitcoin, using different Bitcoin trading platforms to speculate on Bitcoins.

One of the only genuine ways people claim to get rich with Bitcoin is Bitcoin CFD trading. CFD trading is like a contract to sell or buy a specific asset at a specified time on the contract. In this guide for how to make money with Bitcoin, we’re gonna present CFD trading.

What is Bitcoin CFD trading?

CFD, contracts for difference, simply allow you speculate or ‘bet’ on the future movement of the price of the financial instruments, such as gold or Bitcoin, regardless of whether current prices are rising or falling.

Imagine you speculate that the price of gold will increase and you open a position in the market. Now, if the price of gold increases over the spread you will make a proportional profit however if it decreases, you would make a proportional loss.

However, these platforms don’t have any real-world market access, which means you won’t actually own a bitcoin, you’ll be betting on the possibility that the price rises. That means you can’t technically use a ‘bitcoin’ that you buy on the website for much other than selling it later on.


What are the benefits of CFD trading?

Margin trading is essentially like buying CFDs on a loan from your broker. You need to put in around 50% of the trade, the rest of it is paid by the broker.  

In the case of CFD trading, this ‘broker’ would be the platform itself. It will allow you to trade Bitcoin CFDs on the margin that you normally wouldn’t be able to. So the profit would be all yours, minus the capital that was borrowed. Therefore, it’s pretty useful to trade on margin since you can make higher trades.

So, you could make a much larger profit from much lesser funds in your account. It’s pretty useful to be able to make much higher profits from a much smaller investment. But you need to be quite an experienced trader to be able to calculate the risks associated with leverage trading. This is one trustworthy way of how to make money with Bitcoin.


Plus500: The Best Platform for Bitcoin CFD Trading.

Plus500 is one of the most popular online CFD trading websites. This is because of several reasons; the website has a great educational program for beginners and has had extensive press in the past. 

Also, your money is in safe hands. That’s because Plus500 is regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority.

For cryptocurrency enthusiasts, the website offers CFDs on Bitcoin and Litecoin, so you can now speculate or bet on how the cryptocurrency price will move.

Overall the Plus500 platform is one of the simplest and most powerful CFD trading websites. Plus500 has placed a lot of emphasis on being open to everybody. The platform can be used by anybody to experience the world of CFD trading and get introduced to a new industry in the financial markets.

Hopefully, you now know how to make money with Bitcoin. It’s not a scam, nor a scheme, it’s a lot of research into trading.

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