Summer Alert: 5 Rising Cryptocurrencies To Invest In

Summer Alert: 5 Rising Cryptocurrencies To Invest In

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash was the result of the fork in Bitcoin. The fork took place due to philosophical differences between the Bitcoin community over how to increase the scalability of the coin. When it was released, the coin took a very high price in the first few days and has now stabilised. This is what happens pretty much every time when the coin comes out, there’s a huge price spike. Bitcoin Cash has been debated, many speculators said that the coin would crash, but it has been like a normal coin in the past few days. This goes to show that there’s at least some community backing Bitcoin Cash and I think that the price will go through the roof in the next few years.

This is an indication for the future prices, as the community expands, the price could go much higher. So, it’s definitely a rising cryptocurrencies to invest in for the summer.


Most people hear about Ethereum, or Ether, the currency which is now working wonders in the digital currency market. It’s true, Ethereum has risen from $0.10 to around $400 and a lot of mainstream media is calling it a bubble. However, the currency took a serious hit in the past few months but has been gaining slowly in August. Speculators indicate that the price could go up to $400 again, but this time it will stay there for long. Some even bet that the price will go much higher this time. We can only hope for Ethereum to cross $500. The slow rise in Ethereum prices is also an indication that the price spike is due to the community slowly becoming bigger. However, Ethereum could be in a bit of a fix since the Chinese version of Ethereum came out. Therefore, it’s definitely a rising cryptocurrencies to invest in.

The NEO coin is much like Ethereum in terms of how it functions and we might see a small competition between both of them.


As of June 2017, Dash is the 7th best-performing cryptocurrency in terms of volume. The Dash is quite trusted in the cryptocurrency industry due to its independence from power and full decentralization. That’s why the Dash Coin has been known to be much more stable than some of its fellow contemporaries. Unlike Ethereum, the prices of Dash do not go down over rumours. It’s been averaging about $150, growing from  $0.10 per unit to $1.1 Billion market cap. In the past month, Dash has been gaining slowly and thus people have started to invest more. Their Reddit page has been flooded with stories of profits and much more. Nonetheless, the coin is a great investment for long term profits. Since the idea behind Dash forces the price to go up when the user base increases, we can be sure that the price will be quite high in the future.

Hopefully, we will be able to see Dash go from $200 to $500 in the next year. That’s what the communities have been expressing about Dash Coin. It’s definitely a rising cryptocurrencies to invest in.


The NEM Coin is one of the best performing coins in the market right now, it’s been growing exponentially since it was first released. The founders of NEM believe in an economic revolution in many ways. It wants to make digital assets much more accessible whilst digitising every asset so that there’s an unbeatable market access for buyers. The idea is quite revolutionary and thus we see a small growth in the community. However, the idea they present have a significant impact on how we could think of the economy. It also seeks to change many other things in how much a blockchain application can do. The NEM platform will store data, authenticate identities, stamp documents, build a domain registry system and create new digital assets. Thus, it’s pretty much a great rising cryptocurrencies to invest in.

It’s been gaining this past month and thus it could be profitable to invest in this rising currency for the summer.


NEO is a project based on Ethereum’s idea but the final application will be able to do much more than what Ethereum was able to do up till now. The application addresses some of the drawbacks of Ethereum and thus it’s a very interesting coin in rising cryptocurrencies. One of the primary reasons why the coin has been gaining value is the competition it poses to Ethereum. The community will be divided and I think that some of the investors who are leaving Ethereum will prefer NEO because they think that Ethereum could be outdated. However, Ethereum is a much bigger and developed cryptocurrency compared to NEO. For now, it’s just an idea which is in development. Nonetheless, I’m sure we can see the price of NEO rising for the rest of summer.

For the past month, the price has shot up due to their popularity and should continue. For me, NEO is one of the rising cryptocurrencies to invest in for the summer for sure.

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