Could Tierion Change The Way Online Certifications Work?

Could Tierion Change The Way Online Certifications Work?

What is Tierion TNT?

Tierion TNT token is a solution brought forward by a few experts which aim to use blockchain to notarize documents with the proof of creation. The idea is that data on the internet shouldn’t just be trusted, there can be a standard of certification which the token wants to introduce. The company is based on Ethereum and has launched ERC-20 tokens. These tokens are compatible with most of the altcoin wallets today. During the ICO, the company sold over $25MM worth of Tierion TNT, one of the most successful and awaited ICOs in the crypto world.

What’s the idea behind Tierion TNT?

If this was to be used worldwide, people would be able to track when the data was created and when it was modified, if it was modified. The company started in 2015 by Wayne Vaughan, an expert in digital markets, to change the way people trust websites or data on the internet. Tierion is a universal platform for data verification that operates at a massive scale, using the cryptocurrency Tierion TNT. Surprisingly, there isn’t a universal equivalent for safeguarding digital data even though every business, home and family safeguard digital data. The Tierion TNT network makes it possible to have a safer internet where proof replaces trust as the foundation for security.

Why is Tierion TNT a popular project?

Tierion TNT is a great project because of its applications in the different industries of the world. Using the project, one can time stamp a piece of data by anchoring a hash of the data into the blockchain. Since these time stamps are based on the hash of the data, one can prove that the data existed at a specific time. One cannot go back and modify the contents of the data since one cannot modify the previous information on a blockchain. This idea gained attention due to the mass applications that it can have. Since the data becomes part of a blockchain, the timestamp is both accurate and trust less. This can be used in the healthcare industry for one.

Tierion TNT’s Application in Industries

Patient’s data record keeping is one of the most important aspects of managing a hospital. Currently, they use paper and doctor’s signatures to prove that the data was created at a specific point in time. Unfortunately, this method is sort of unsafe since it could be modified by the doctor. And there wouldn’t be any proof. This has proven to be an issue which has led to patient’s files being tampered with. Using Tierion’s technology, the hospitality industry can benefit from accurate record keeping in order to preserve the patient’s integrity as well as the institution’s.

Another application would be the generation of digital receipts. Up till now, there have been many cases where companies launder or shift money using fake receipts. Companies can make these up independently. Unfortunately, these fraudulent receipts cannot be avoided. And one can’t compare another since they’re all printed in the same paper and ink. Using Tierion TNT, customers and investors of the company will be able to see that the company hasn’t been doing anything illegal. For some people, it’s pretty important to ensure this. Thus Tierion makes it much easier to trust company documents which have relevant dates.

A great application for the Tierion token would be the digitization of the audit trail. Having an audit trail is one of the most important aspects of a business. That’s because it helps companies avoid overpayments and detect issues in a payment trail. Digitizing this process would give each transaction a proof and a time stamp. This will make sure that all parties interacting with the company can be sure that none of the records was tampered with. Thus, all companies and customers could trust each other. Not because of reputation but due to the proof which has already been made and can’t be changed.

Should you buy the Tierion token?

With all of these applications into the wide world, the TNT token had a great ICO. With a great ICO, comes the promise of a great token which will appreciate in value. Hopefully, the TNT token can work well and grow in the future. However, we can never be sure whether a token as such will have much higher value. Currently, it’s on a growth spree and it doesn’t look like it will stop anytime soon.

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