Is There Still Time To Buy Some Monero?

Is There Still Time To Buy Some Monero?

Why is Monero so popular?

Monero is one of the cryptocurrencies which has maintained the high privacy of its coins and coin holders. Monero boasts an untraceable, secure and private system. It does so to make sure that your funds transfers or deposits are impossible to detect. This stands even for the transfers that you do on the blockchain, the origins and the receipt are kept anonymous but public. This makes sure that any transaction done on Monero cannot be traced to a single person. Monero is also fungible, which means that all monero coins are similar to each other and can be interchanged to ensure privacy. Thus, you cannot identify one coin from another one and that adds a layer of security for the people using Monero. Monero also uses a ring signature system to hide even the amount of Monero transferred. That’s why Monero is the most private cryptocurrency in the market right now. People buy Monero because they would prefer to be very secure and make sure that nobody knows where the money is coming from or going to.

Why should you buy some Monero?

You should invest into Monero because it’s been a growing currency with a growing community behind it. The community behind Monero claims that it’s one of the best ways to protect your financial information from the public eye. Now, you can have different reasons for protecting your financial information from the public. Unfortunately, there are many people who sometimes confuse Monero with drug traffic money or something like that. This is not true because there are so many people who now own and trade the coin. Monero isn’t just a way to “launder money” or receive money from “drug deals”, it’s a tool used to maintain privacy. What you choose to do with your Monero is your prerogative.

Where can you buy Monero?

CEX.IO is an exchange platform built on the concept of FOK orders. Fill-or-Kill orders are useful in the cryptocurrency market because the price varies by the minute. When you complete the form to buy bitcoins at a specific price, it freezes that for 120 seconds whilst it looks for a seller who also wanted to sell at that price. When that match happens, it’s only a matter of time before the payment is complete. That’s why you can be sure that every order at CEX.IO goes through at the price that you wanted to buy. Also, security is one of the most important features that CEX.IO offers. 

The website recommends using a 2-factor authentication. Trust me, there are three different red dialogues if you haven’t activated it. Since emails are quite easy to hack, it’s pretty easy to just hack your account and transfer all your bitcoins to another. The website helps you prevent this through the 2-factor authentication. The website is quite intuitive and has an easy to use interface. It offers high deposit limits for free accounts, which is great for beginner traders or Bitcoin novices. The FOK orders tool that CEX.IO uses ensures that you can sell your bitcoins at any time, and buy them at a price that you want. Thus it’s one of the best platforms to buy monero.

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