Litecoin Surge To $80: Our Litecoin Price Prediction

Litecoin Surge To $80: Our Litecoin Price Prediction

What is Litecoin?

Litecoin is a digital currency that was founded by Charlie Lee. In this article, we discuss our Litecoin price prediction for the end of 2017 and why investors should rally to purchase Litecoin soon! Litecoin is the fourth best performing crypto currency, with prices reaching $80 in 2017 compared to $3 in October 2016, and a market cap of $4 Billion. Cryptocurrency trading on Litecoin can be quite profitable due to the high volatility of the coin. The currency has shot up since January 2017 and is trading at its all time high of around $80. The jump in price was in part due to the Bitcoin all-time-high as investors rallied to purchase crypto currencies.

Litecoin is useful since it’s an advancement to Bitcoin. In this article, we’re going to discuss our Litecoin Price prediction for 2017. The currency has a much higher eventual supply which solves the issue of scarcity and scalability that Bitcoin may have in the future.


What is our Litecoin price prediction?

The currency will also have a maximum cap of over 84 million Litecoins. Therefore it has potential to be much bigger than bitcoin. This is an issue with Bitcoin since the total supply is smaller thus people won’t be inclined to use denominations of 0.001 BTC to purchase their daily requirements. Also, these are called microtransactions and they cost as much as any other transaction in Bitcoin. Thus, microtransactions of Bitcoin aren’t suitable for daily use.

Litecoin also has better transaction times so that people can use it on the go to purchase their daily needs in the future. Litecoin also has almost zero payment costs which make the platform more attractive for users. I believe this is what can play in Litecoin’s favour in the long run so that you can be sure that your investment is safe. The average block time is also 2.5 minutes, four times faster than Bitcoin. A block is a group of transactions which gets added to the public ledger. It happens every 10 minutes in Bitcoin whilst it happens every 2.5 minutes on Litecoin. It was really made to be one of the currencies which will be used when cryptos become mainstream. Litecoin has been called the silver to Bitcoin’s gold. That’s an added advantage which I think can affect the price of Litecoin in the future.


Our Litecoin Price Prediction: Where to purchase Litecoin

These currencies gain traction over time and help society by finding different uses for blockchain technology or decentralized organizations or user-generated tokens. That’s what makes a good and reliable cryptocurrency work in this market. We recommend Coinbase for purchasing Litecoin. Coinbase the world’s leading exchange in crypto currency and fiat currency. The platform has been a standard in the industry ever since it came out. The company recently got more funding, making it the first blockchain industry unicorn. The website was already pretty secure, now setting a new standard in the industry. You can buy Bitcoin on Coinbase pretty securely now, considering you have the following security measures in place.

If you already own some Litecoins, don’t forget to protect them with a hardware wallet. Read our Ledger Blue Review or our Ledger Nano S review in order to find the wallet that fits your needs.

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